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Honda S2000  Bike Rack with Golf Bag Carrier, Ski Rack, Snowboard Rack and Luggage Rack Options    2000 and newer.    The Solution Beyond a Trailer Hitch.

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The Bird Automotive Honda S2000 Bike Rack is shown installed in the Receiver Pipes of the S 2000 Roadster in the picture on the right.  The two Pipes serve as receivers for the all versions of the Rack in a manner similar to trailer hitch racks seen on SUV's.  They are

11/4" diameter, painted black and are intentionally inconspicuous.  They are located between the factory tailpipes, recessed behind the rear of the Bumper and tailpipes as shown below. The Honda S2000 Bike Rack carries one, two or three bikes. Golf Bag Carrier - Luggage Rack and Ski/Snowboard Rack Options are available. When not in use, the Rack is easily removed in a couple of minutes and can be stored in the trunk (boot).  



Honda S2000 Bike Rack inserted into Receiver Pipes.

Receiver Pipes are shown at left installed cleanly and behind the exhaust pipe tips.

Installation requires about an hour.  No Bumper removal or plastic modifications.       

Arms are height adjustable to level bikes.   Carries up to 75# (35 kilos).

Arms fold in flat and are individually removable.

Rack easily removed in a couple of minutes



S2000 trunk opens without touching the Rack.

Two Straps in the Trunk attach to the Rack.  Paint is protected.



Rack stores easily in the Trunk

                Installation of the Receiver Pipes requires attaching a U shaped tube under the floor of the trunk.  Attachment is by three bolts through small (5/16", 8mm) holes easily drilled from below into the sheet metal under-pan.  All are hidden by the trunk carpet and styrofoam tool/jack holder.  Accomplished  in about an hour by anyone of average mechanical ability, installation requires no special tools. Thorough illustrated picture instructions are provided; about half our customers install themselves.

           Locking Accessory

As one customers told us, "my bike's worth more than my car so this lock better work!"  An exaggeration perhaps, but we understand.  The Security Kit consists of two long-shanked padlocks (same keys) and a heavy duty vinyl coated straight steel cable.  The first lock goes through a hole in the  Pea Shooter (receiver) Pipe and the Leg of the Rack, locking the Rack to the car.  The cable goes through the bikes' frames and one or both wheels of each bike.  The cable padlocks to both ends of the cable and a hole through the Leg, locking the bikes to the Rack. Click here to see the Security Kit.
           Golf Bag Carrier and Luggage Rack
The Golf Bag Carrier - Luggage Rack attaches to the same Legs as the Bike Rack shown above and uses the Receiver Pipes for support.  A 12" x 24" Platform carries  two pieces of luggage, two golf bags, or one of each  The Carrier has been tested at speed to safely support 100 pounds. The trunk will continue to open without touching the Carrier/Rack and it can be stored in the front trunk. Click here for further Carrier details.
         Ski Racks and Snowboard Racks - the SnowRack
The SnowRack for carrying skis and snowboards is a stainless steel carrier attached to one or both of the Legs of the Rack to hold the tails of the skis or boards. A SnowRack Arm, which telescopes into a Leg, holds the upper part of the skis or boards with secure clamps. One SnowRack will carry 2-3 pairs of skis, 2 snowboards, or 2 skis and one snowboard. Two SnowRacks can be carried.  The trunk will continue to open without touching the Rack. Click for SnowRack details.
          Honda S2000 Rack Pricing
         A Customer Writes to Say Thanks
"Dear Bird Automotive, I just had to drop you a note to thank you for my Bicycle Rack. I really appreciated the rush order. As promised it was easy to install, and really easy to use. We went on a week long trip and took our 2 mountain bikes, it worked great, didn't use any trunk space and the bikes were safe & secure ( we didn't even have to remove the front tires). On top of all that it looks really cool!!! I couldn't be happier with it. I get envious stares and questions from fellow ..import..owners.. when it's on the car, of course I tell them who to call. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions , my spouse was so impressed with my choice. This way we don't have to hoist our bikes onto the roof after a long ride, and with the bikes attached you don't even know it's there. It's really great! Thank You!! Sincerely," a San Francisco Bay area customer.  Thank you dear customer!  

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